Saturday, October 20, 2007

Coffee, anyone?

Having coffee is fun...the best part is when you get to rip off the top of your cream and sugar satchets...but maybe I went a little bit too far...

Bunny's pet rabbit passed away today...she just bought it 3 days ago...sad. I met the cute little thing yesterday, was real thin...and frail...cute little fella, didn't notice it till today. Poor little guy...Farewell, Roger the 3rd...this picture I drew for you...



Prince Royce said...

Aww you draw such cute things and see such adorable things throught your eyes.

But WHERE is the beans on your personal life?!


I want spilt beans and I want it now!

spread em'on the ground and get beany!

Chrystal said...

love the sachetssss~ hehe!

Stryker W@SP said...

Hi, this is Siew Por, remember me? Ask ur brother if you don't. Haha, nice picture you have here!

My blog isn't much to look at. LOL. I prefer my Flickr account.

Add me as a contact if you hv a account on Flickr! If you dont, you should get one, very nice and easy to use!

I hope you see this soon, and give me a sign that you did. Bye.

JT said...

oh gosh! Hello! Of course i remember you, I haven't completely erased my childhood memory yet...hehe...will do

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