Sunday, July 22, 2007

A dedication to my wallet

This guy has been with me for a real long time....eversince highschool, and it has served me well. But it is time for it to move on and this I have to say:
'I am so sorry for all the crap I chucked into you....for it made you were always fat anyway....not fat with cash, but with crap. I'm also sorry for not naming you, cause nobody ever names their wallet. But you cannot deny that I have been a good owner as I have never lost you...If I did.....I forgot. So I just want to thank will be sorely missed.'
~To my crap bearer ~

On the other hand, this is my new wallet that I purchased from Topshop! After much hunting, I found the wallet that can satisfy my passion for design...It just looks like a tape recorder, but it is different. So welcome new strange wallet!


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