Sunday, April 30, 2006

Lookin' back

One year has come and gone.....only a year ago i came into TOA as an innocent little kid....after a year with you guys(TOAns), I'm now panda boy aka Chicken Little aka Harry Potter aka Ah Chai aka Photocopy Machine aka JT.But that's not important....what's impotant is that I had a really fun year with you guys and i really enjoyed it.I enjoyed:

-the movie outings we all went together(batman begins,madagascar,narnia, harry potter4,skeleton key.....etc.)
-calling Samantha, Ah Sum and messing her hair(curl,curl......)
-eating 'chee cheong fun' with the F.U.N.T crew during Design
-sending stupid messages to May and Ashlei from the LRT station
-and reading carplate no.s in May's car
-making evil plans with the other Black Halo members
-tapping people on their backs...classic
-trips to XL-shop with Sam Goh
-being in the team that created the Rokhtotokusha!!
-doin' projects in other people's houses
-disturbing ben ,william....and practically everyone else
-looking for rooms/houses for rent with Shawn......still looking
-the Halloween Party in Times Square
-the chaos when it comes to passing up a final project and the relief after all that is over
-the Sunway Lagoon trip (Splash Time)
-staying back at McD's after classes with Shidiofaifaiwanians.....
-sketching with Shaza and Chin Hou
-hanging out in the study room
-the Port Dickson Trip( it was great!!)
-if i give you any more it may bore you to death..........

I really hate the idea of being seperated when we major.....becos i might never be able to do some of the things that i have mention just now,ever again.......................i really want to thank every shidio fai fai wanians for helping and even protecting me....i really am glad to have you guys as my you guys!! (did i say that!?)...And once again, i would also want to thank James, Samantha and William for organising the trip and Sam Goh for driving us there.The trip was G-R-E-A-T!!! We should have more trips like these some time. So overall, just treat this post as a BIG thank you letter.......hehe.


p.s. Try not to watch 'The Wild"....its ok but ...its just a high-class pirated version of 'Madagascar"....its a 2/5.
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